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ISSSEEM Leadership

ISSSEEM operates under the corporate umbrella of Holos University Graduate Seminary (HU) as the University’s International Research Division.

Holos University Officers:

President: Ellen Barner, ThD
Dean:  Katherine Hunter, ThD
Associate Dean: Ann Nunley, PhD
Admissions and Outreach:  Bob Nunley, PhD

ISSSEEM Officers:

ISSSEEM CEO: Ann Nunley, PhD
ISSSEEM Wisdom Council - Founding Chair:  Bob Nunley, PhD

The ISSSEEM Wisdom Council is currently made up of Past Presidents of ISSSEEM. It is an advisory Board for the on-going activities of ISSSEEM.

Office:  1-888-272-6109

Board Representatives for ISSSEEM: 
Former ISSSEEM Board member, Kate Hastings, ThM
For information about the HU Board of Directors and about its programs: