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Membership Information

We are happy to announce that our membership software has been set up and tested, and passed with flying colors!  It is easy and secure, and we now invite you to join us.  Thanks for your patience!

ISSSEEM membership supports the functions of the society, its website and archived journals, and its outreach efforts.  The fees are intentionally set quite low (in comparison to other professional societies) in order to encourage a wider cross-section of membership.

Why Join?

When you register for membership in ISSSEEM, you are stepping into a lineage- one that has roots in the first healing impulse- for subtle energies were observed and used for beneficial purposes for millennia prior to the investigation of electricity, the double-slit experiment or the harnessing of photons in the service of science.

Yet it is the union of that ancient spirit with the tools of modernity that continues to invigorate our organization. Both rationality and intuition are given equal credence as investigative modes, and means of knowing as well.  Thus, the morphic field that results from this even-handed approach is continually refined and supports us on our journey. 

That field may perhaps best be conceptualized as the dwelling-place of the Spirit of ISSSEEM- and may itself be studied by one of our members someday.

We realize that Spirit in the presence of those who read our publications, network within our community of interest or come to our annual conference to connect with it.

The link below will take you to our membership software.  Here you will be given information about the three levels of membership and an opportunity to join.   You will also be able to access the Directory of members and member information.