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Historical Mission

As the International Research Division of Holos University Graduate Seminary, ISSSEEM will retain its original Goals established in 1989:

  1. To explore the application of subtle energies to the experience of consciousness, healing, and human potential.  It is designed as a bridging organization for scientist, clinicians, therapists, healers, and lay people.
  2. To study systems and energies that interact with the human psyche and physiology, either enhancing or perturbing health.
  3. To interconnect persons who work with or conduct research about subtle energies.
  4. To encourage an exchange of information through conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  5. To cooperate with other organizations that have common interests and goals, enhancing the use of available resources.
  6. To interface with the broader scientific community through Subtle Energies: Bridging Science and Spirit, a quarterly magazine.